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Flute: Atsuhiro Usami

Trained at the chamber music department of École Normale de Musique de Paris. He studied flute with the Jiro Nagaosa, Yoshiaki Teramoto and P. Lesgourgues, chamber music with Ms. C. de Buchy, and recorder with M. Milchberg
After his debut, he engaged in unique performances such as collaborative concerts of music and contemporary art, etc, and launched and performed projects such as "Water Concert", "ARIA×AIR" solo flute recital, and recital "Present".
After returning from Paris, he performed many concerts of French music. Recitals such as "Music of Paris" and "Chamber Music of Paris" were well received by audiences. In the trio concert, he performed with violinist, J. P. Lacour of The Orchestre de Paris. After a successful duo concert with his daughter, Ayaka Usami, a pianist. He released a duo CD album "French Flute Pieces". It was described by one magazine* as, "a subtle, straightforward, soft, natural tone with little vibrato, ... rich in expression, with the profundity and brilliance of Debussy and the virtuosity of Chaminade in its rich melodic nature." The track "En Bateau " is also used as the ending song for NHK-FM's "Night Stop Station, Fantasy of Snow Mountains".


Piano: Ayaka Usami

Graduated from the music department of Kano High School in Gifu Prefecture, and Aichi University of the Arts.
A scholarship student of the Yamada Sadao Music Foundation. She studied piano with Junko Yamada, Emiko Ueno and Keita Kosaka, and completed the Master Course of Gifu Liszt Academy of Music 2016 in the Piano Division under the guidance of Professor Sándor Falvai.
In 2021, she was selected to perform in the "Concert by student musicians of Aichi University of the Arts". While in college, she began performing with her father, Atsuhiro Usami, a flutist. She has appeared in "French Pieces with Flute and Piano", "Longing for Vienna and Composers", and "Longing for Foreign Scenes - The World of Debussy". About her CD album "French Flute Pieces", one magazine* wrote " Ayaka 's piano shows sharpness with Ravel's accompaniment. " The album has been a long seller.

*Music magazine "Music Modern" issued in October 2018.

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